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We are UNABLE to offer guided tours of any kind after August 27th.

Our museum and the Fortune Fossil (Gift Shop) will remain open to the public until mid-October.


Let our geology interpreters take you on a walk through geologic time, starting the tour off in our innovative and interactive exhibits! Once you finish viewing our collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils, it's time to hop in the van and drive out to the Fortune Head Ecological Reserve! Once out at the reserve, our interpreters will show you the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the geologic time boundary between the Precambrian and Cambrian period! These 541 million-year-old rocks contain internationally significant fossils that mark the beginning of increasing biological diversity on Earth!



Stop by the Fortune Head Geology Centre for a guided tour of the Horsebrook Trail. Our geology interpreters will show you where the fossils of extinct marine creatures called Trilobites have been preserved in the rocks! Be prepared to get wet, some of the best fossils are hiding in the water! 



Admission Fees

(For Field Tours, Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult)


Horsebrook Trail Tours (Exhibit entry included)      Ecological Reserve Tours (Exhibit entry included)

Adults ------------------------------------$20.00          Adults -------------------------$20.00

Seniors -----------------------------------$15.00         Seniors ------------------------$15.00

Children/Student (4-16) -----------------$10.00         Children/Student (4-16)-------$10.00

Children under 3 -------------------------Free            


Exhibits Admission                                                                               

Adults ------------------------------------$7.50                 

Children, Students and  Seniors ------- $5.00

Children under 3 -------------------------Free

Drop-ins are welcome (pending tour guide availability).



Additional information can be directed to -


or by telephone - 709-832-3569 (office) / 709-832-2810 (cell)


Your request was sent successfully! We will respond with an email confirming your tour time.

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