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Discover the history of our world


Exciting things are happening in Fortune! The Fortune Head Interpretation Centre is now the Fortune Head Geology Centre. We have a brand-new look, and it only took a few billion years to get there!

The Fortune Head Geology Centre is a great stop to make! Come take a walk through geologic time as you explore our exhibits! We have an extensive collection of rocks and minerals, and even 2.3 billion-year-old fossils! Be sure to keep your eyes open -- you may even find some dinosaurs lurking around the exhibit!

Learn all about the 1929 Burin Peninsula Tsunami and check out our tsunami simulator! We even have an interactive sandbox that is always a hit with the kids, big and little!

Let our geology interpreters take you on a guided tour of the Fortune Head Ecological Reserve which is home to the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the geologic time boundary between the Precambrian era and Cambrian period! These 541 million-year-old rocks mark the beginning of increasing biological diversity of life on Earth! 

We also offer guided tours of the Horsebrook Trail, where the fossils of extinct marine critters called Trilobites have been preserved in the rocks!


Thanks to the generous donations from Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd., Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and our Province's Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Recreation, our museum has a whole new look.


* The Fortune Head Ecological Reserve is a protected area managed by the Parks and Natural Areas Division within the Department of Environment and Conservation of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.


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